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June 13th, 2005]


too lazy to switch all entries to friends only. :D

TAGGAGE. [Sunday
June 12th, 2005]
Tagged by astral_zephyr
10 things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it to your journal... and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs. (stupid lj chain letter)...

o1. vStalking tennis players.
o2. Taking time to get to know Photoshop.
o3. Fob-shopping on the internet.
o4. Watching FRIENDS on DVD.
o5. Making my (almost) daily visits to FMP.
o6. Trying to play the piano (aka pain-o) in vain.
o7. Listening to music.
o8. Writing pointless shit...
o9. Watching the FOOD NETWORK.
1o. Saving hott pictures of my tennis boys.

I tag... blindaffection, nhr, celticgreen, ivyz, hailofsparks.

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

1. Damien Rice_I Remember
2. James Blunt_You're Beautiful
3. Something Corporate_Konstantine
4. Damien Rice_Amie
5. Draught_For Ingrid
6. Mae_We're So Far Away

I tag... no one. too lazy. :D

Tagged by princessmoe

1. Favorite scent...Food?
2. Favorite way to relax...Lying in my bed.
3. Favorite movie you own...Cold Mountain <3
4. Favorite movie you don't already own...Dead Poets Society (DAMN YOU 1989!)
5. Favorite male movie star...Jude Law, Zach Braff, Haley Joel Osment, Russell Crowe.
6. Favorite female movie star...Nicole Kidman, Diane Kruger
7. Favorite book genre...Historial OMGHEART.
8. Favorite clothing store...I don't care
9. Favorite non-clothing store...Michaels! and any jewelry store @ FMP.
10. Favorite cartoon character...Plankton, perhaps. hehe
11. Favorite CD you own...The Killers - Hot Fuss
12. Favorite CD you don't already own...Lover/Fighter by Hawksley Workman and 0 by Damien Rice
13. Pass the torch and tag five of your LJ friends! HI GUYS! DO IT IF YOU WANT! YAY!

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I whip myself scorn. [Saturday
June 11th, 2005]
hello deeCollapse )

Dicky is playing at this moment & he just lost the second set 6-2 to Brad Pitt...COME ON DICKY REVENGE MY FRENCH BOY. (But then again I guess it's really unfair for me to ask for favours when i call you Dicky.)

hello finnish boy.Collapse )

hello giant.Collapse )

I am still brainwashing myself with Damien Rice music. I Remember's been stuck in my head for 24 hours. I burned a Damo CD for Mel bloo_eskimo and Tiff jagged_vision wants one. YAY DAMO LOVE!

I have absolutely nothing to do over this weekend. I'm very sad. Now i'll just have to sit in the basement and think too much until I'm disgusted. (Not that i'm in a bad mood right now or anything...bleh)

And rain is overdue. WTF was that thing with Toronto being under severe thunderstorm watch? Fuck you weather networks. I WANT MY RAIN!

okay, i dont know what i'm saying. bye kids!

ps. Remember that picture-request thing i did a long time ago? Yea, i have all the pictures. I have uploaded them. I made an entry with all the pictures nearly 3 weeks ago. But i made it private cuz none of the pictures would show. And it still doesn't. So ummmm....bleh. Will figure it out later.

pps. Alex aloneinthesnow i want the picture of J being a fob.
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I look to my eskimo friend. [Tuesday
June 7th, 2005]
[ mood | good ]


school's almost out and therefore the workload is overwhelming and the anticipation is so crazy, which leads to stress and then to crankiness or even feeling sick. but i'm feeling pretty good right now though, so i'm gonna do an update. hehe.

i've recently discovered that i get asthma attacks. i mean my asthma was pretty bad when i was in Korea, and now i thought it was getting better or even going away....but apparently not. bleh. i've never had an asthma attack actually, so it was scary the first few times....but now it's like 'as long as i don't die w/e". I HATE YOU ASTHMA FJSDLKSAJDLAJSFLSJFS. (this is probably a sign i need to start exercising...shhh)

oooo and i also discovered that i'm lactose intolerant. crap.

TennisCollapse )


Lisa blured_reality IMed me at 7 and asked me to go out with her today...i lied to my mom i had to go shopping for art supplies....oops. Guess what i bought? 2 postcards. I win at life.

We went to FMP for bubble tea (which i have to stop drinking cuz there's like 7 gallons of condensed milk in it and i'm lactose intolerant) and then went to Jacob and Winners. i fit into kid shoes size 2...............hahaha omg. For my birthday I will accept gift certificates to kids clothing stores thank you.

c'est tout. bonne nuit! gotta go update richardgasquet.

[edit]stolen from lisaCollapse )[/edit]

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Spread some common sense on the bagel. [Wednesday
June 1st, 2005]
NOSE: 4ewe6y74e5r
ELBOW: esrrther
TONGUE: es5yer
CHIN: esther
FEET: estherr
BACK OF YOUR HAND: eswwthyjedrfdr
PALM: eswtr6her
MOUSE: estyher
WRIST: ewatrffgher

SOME way to kill time, i know. This is hilarious though, everyone try! XDDDDD

okay, i know i haven't been commenting a lot....but ummm. i'm still around. cut me and you will die. okay? thank you. Why is everyone going friends only? i feel speshul....i guess that's good? muahahaha. i shall look around for teh hottest FOB (LOL) ever and decide if i want to go friends only.....for the sake of the banner. XD

So RG is over. Next.
Anyway, i had my loserish draw out in my law class, and this dude goes, "TENNIS? i know tennis! i know um....Andre Agassi...and the other bald Italian-American guy (LOL WTF ITS THE SAME GUY)...and Michael Wong or something!"

Good times..... :)

Dee nhr, the ducky bag is about $15 CDN including shipping...damn shipping. x_X send your address to my e-mail on my userinfo please! thank love. :DDDDDDDD

Yup. short entry. Love you all & good night!
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He answers phone calls. [Sunday
May 29th, 2005]
Well kids, today marks the five years of my life that i spent in Canada. Yay. It always makes me wonder how different my life would've been if i stayed in Korea...here's a few possibilities:

-could've killed myself due to school stress (1 high school student commits suicide every 1 1/2 hours from what i know)
-could've killed a parent.................hopefully not
-would NOT know a jiggity shit about tennis
-would not want to be an art director
-would not want to go to Croatia/Spain/Switzerland...would want to go to the US or Canada. muahahahaha
-studying for law school/med school
-would not speak English....well maybe a little, but def. not French
-would stalk every single white person i see yelling "HI HI HI HI HI!!!!" wanting a simple response

Hopefully I'll soon become a Canadian citizen......hehe.

+ + + +

bitch.Collapse )

Okay, so this entry took an unhappy turn.

Tennis was rather weird today....Stoopid rain. Fed won though! I was kind of hoping Los will show me that he actually is a good player (the only time i've seen him play was against Brian Baker @ USO and he sucked that day), but he was injured and therefore could not change my mind again. Egad.

The early coverage ended at 12:30, but there's another coverage coming up at 11:30 tonight.....anybody know if they're showing rafa? Cuz then I wanna watch. And then maybe i'll be mad at the French crowd... right now i don't really care.

Hmm. on the second thought, nevermind. I went on MTF for a moment and I hate them already.

ART SHOW IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you UHS kids please come :D
4 of my art projects are going on display I think....wheeeeee. I have to bring in those huge-ass things tomorrow though x_X

Okay, gotta go get started on F/T project. & make two more coin purses for the Art Show.
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I could ask a question. [Friday
May 27th, 2005]
Thank you Lord Carlos.
(For creating the mankind.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And thank you 1986.
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lezz b-zounce. [Monday
May 23rd, 2005]
I be so gangsta, yo.

Today's first entry was filtered so only the people interested in tennis could see it. I'm sure a lot of you won't mind ;)

first off, a survey stolen from MissyCollapse )

So that was fun....

I'm STILL trying to take pictures for all your requests! my evil sister stole my favourite sneakers so i have to wait until she gets back....grrr.

Anyway, I did take pictures of the stuff I made when followthecat came over. I opened up an album account at Yahoo for these babies..so see it there :DDDD The first two are Addey's.

FEEDBACKS would be nice cuz they're all going on sale on May 31st and I'd like to know what my potential customers think...hehe.

Short entry for the first time in like, 23 years :D
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Hayden's my friend, now. [Saturday
May 21st, 2005]
Random fact from IMDb: Hayden Christensen was a "ball boy" at the TMS Canada tennis matches. Jumped out too soon during a match in which John McEnroe was playing, causing an interruption in play.

OMG that's so fucking great. He went to my school AND he likes tennis. Aahh it would've been funny if he was in my grade and we all volunteered for TMS Canada...hehe.


Kat followthecat came over at about 10:30 today to um, have a grand crafting day and it was fun! Her wristcuffs are soooo cute, i want them all. It was really productive, too. Here's a list of things I made so far:

-2 coin purses (watermelon & orange shaped)
-7 pairs of earrings
-1 bracelet
-2 canvas tote bags (with a felt bird/whale)

In case you don't know, we're making accessories to sell at the art show on May 31st :) we're all secretly scared that none of these will sell, so all you UHS kids please come and buy our stuff thanks. XD

I also bought really cute fabric to make a circle skirt. we shall see how that goes, i'm really not shure how it's gonna turn out XD

My eyes are sore from all the sewing I did today. I'm not complaining though, I'm gonna be painting tomorrow. ew.

I'm working on those pics that you guys requested :) some of them are hard though, esp aloneinthesnow's request. ####. we'll see 8-)

that's all for today! bye kids!
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I'm outdated. [Wednesday
May 18th, 2005]
Oh well. Deal.

Tell me something to take a picture of, like, in my life or whatever that you would like to see, and I will take a picture of it and post it later.

courtesy of many unknown LJ-ers & savestheday91
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Code Blue. [Monday
May 16th, 2005]
A short entry....because i'm lazy like that :p

-Thank the Lord Carlos, grass season is rollin' in in 3 weeks time, 2 of which is RG. Do we get Stella Artois on TV? I hope so cuz then that'd be 3 straight weeks of tennis on TSN. SQUEE!

-Went to Lisa's after school to watch Konstantine, her new bunny, spaz around the house. It's soooo fluffy and cute! I wish i had my camera there so i could've taken some pictures. Lisa makes such a good mommy ;) I really, really want a pet rat.

-There's supposed to be a field trip tomorrow in Film/Television class to National Film Board of Canada, but I didn't pay, intentionally. I don't feel like going, everyone in that class is ####. I might not go to school at all tomorrow, I'm sick anyway. I'm gonna go to sleep after this :p

-I want thissss:

-Damn. When do i get to go fabric shopping? I want to make myself a new skirt. :/ Emil? Wanna come?

-Grey's Anatomy last night was so good! GEORGE IS SUCH A NERD I LOVE HIM LOLOLOLOLOL. And i think the psychic guy is hott. is that wrong or no? ummm.....what else...i dunno. Next week's episode looks funny.

-I still haven't seen last week's ANTM :*(

-Yea, I'm still pimpin' that community. Join richardgasquet

I think that's it?
Cheer up emo kid.
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I'm not writing back :) [Saturday
May 14th, 2005]
*ahem* how are all my pretties today? heh.

Well I saw Kingdom of Heaven last night and therefore i must say a few things.Collapse )

In conclusion: Orlando should be a model. >D
and Ridley Scott gore is...gory.

I'm looking up Montreal stuff again right now! My sister might call up some of her friends and see if we can sublet one of the apartments for a week or so. *squee* That way we won't need an 18+ person to check in for us...hehe. I hope this works out, because I'm way too excited not to go =D

On a sidenote,
Gasquet = looove. ♥

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thank you for reading Useless Entry by Esther Kim #2214. ;)
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Har har. [Thursday
May 12th, 2005]
click for the RAFA CHIBI i originally intended to drawCollapse )

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I can spell "konfusion" with a K. [Wednesday
May 11th, 2005]
Ok, so let's talk tennis. It ####ing rocked today!

-Mario def Gonzalez
-Totty poo wins
-JCF wins {sorry Marat}
-Chunchi/Ljubo kicks #4 seeds' ass in doubles
-Gasquet revenges Andy by beating Massu
-There are pics of all our boys on Getty (will update marioancic soon...which i think some of you should join *hint*)
-on a more random note, Guille's hitch-hiker's thumb amuses me


Guess who Mario plays next? CORIA. muahahahaha kick some ass boy.
And then comes vBetting: I now have $1501 in vCash! aaahhh i'm soooo vRich.

now only if Kiefer would win for Mary ♥

ummm, is marat still gonna be friends with JC? I hope so. For the sake of slasssshhhh
[/tennis, i swear]

ugh. I just remembered I owe like kazillion pics to this girl, cuz i promised i'd draw pictures for her RPG...Must get to it now. I feel guilty for neglecting it :/

Anyway, Addey skipped school today to work on her physics. badddddd! "Esther, where's your twin?" "She died." "WHAT?! I saw her this morning! She can't be dead!"

art fags are love. yes they are.

(even more) random:

Mediterranean Chicken Salad
GUH. This salad is definitely one of the best things i've ever put in my mouth..
thank you wendy's for bringing it into existence.

that will be all. :p i miss you kidsssssssss
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Basement for rent, babe. [Monday
May 9th, 2005]
forced upon by stolen from princessmoe

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video: I think I have like, 5 videos. Like, Aladdin, Jungle2Jungle, Beauty and the Beast etc...and about 15 DVDs. I'm very very sad.

2) The last film I bought: I don't buy DVDs myself, i get it from ppl...but a bootleg copy of the Incredibles would do it.

3) The last film I watched: Theatre: Fever Pitch (♥) must make it Kingdom of Heaven soon though. At home: Cold Mountain, I think...

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me: LotRs (esp. Fellowship), Dead Poets Society, Cold Mountain, Secondhand Lions, Twelve Angry Men, Young Frankenstein, etc...

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal: my churdles Lisa, Sheila, Mel and Lauren... hmmm i dont know who else

+ + +

that was fun. :D

ps. all our tennis boys in hamburg today ladies! (except for andy...*hugs lisa*) mario, tot, kief ♥ Mario won me madd money! yay.

Go to Bermuda so you never come back. [Saturday
May 7th, 2005]
I drew Rafa the other day... i did it from memory cuz i just wanted to draw a CHIBI v^_^S2


Went downtown yesterday. It was fun. I really like the pair of yellow flip flops i got for $6 in Chinatown :D Chinatown = LOVE.

Queen St was hott... i hadn't been there in the longest time. Thanks to Chizzle, we went into like 2131203 stores...and drooled over things we can never buy :P

See madetoheal00's LJ for more details...

Anyway, I love soccer boys now. Damn you Dee, this all happened when I was looking for pics to use for KAKA icons... I ♥ Kaka (whose full name i cannot memorize to save my life), Massimo Ambrosini and Andryi Shevchenko *dies* and umm. David Beckham of course. *droolx10*

And I just realized PSV Eindhoven is coached by the dude that coached Corea (you must spell it with a C when talking about the World Cup) during World Cup 2002. umm....sorry coach. AC Milan is hotter :D

In tennis news, Rafa is in another clay final *yawn* ok dont kill me guys. lmao.
And Mario & Tot have real sucky draws for Hamburg....and by now you think i'd be sad-proof *sigh*

Speaking of Mr. Jess...I cannot wait to be in the same time zone as savestheday91 again! sorry missy.

That will be all.

ps. I've had a new layout for a very long time now...does not look good on Macs. I'm planning to change it soon again so let me know if you want it :D
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seven million [Thursday
May 5th, 2005]

hey guys this is fun, post this

1.) Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b> <*/font>
2.) Eliminate the asterisks.
2 1/2.) Replace "yourusername" (both) with your user name.
3.) See what color you are

i got:

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Ew, Becca. [Wednesday
May 4th, 2005]
lmao. i drew and coloured something.

this entry has nothing to do with the titleCollapse )

*feels accomplished*
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Did you miss me? I missed you. [Sunday
May 1st, 2005]
I really did miss tennis talk. You've all been wondering where I was, no?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com*points to the picture* Woooooo!
You know you love me Jess Tot. :)

Stupid Gaudio though! No love for the birthday boy? *sigh*
Nonetheless well done Tot. We love you.

To say more about Tot, is this picture new? I've seen like a real similar picture before, but I don't recall seeing a weird sideburn as I do in this picture. I don't understand the sideburns. Ugh. (Tot is still pretty.)

+++THEY APPARENTLY SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOT @ ESTORIL! that's soooooo fucking sweet. Tennis is t3h win.

the rest: Nalby, Mario, Rafa, RomeCollapse )

ok that's it for now. Man that felt good. :D
On a sidenote, join tennis_icontest.
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"Dorkestra!" [Saturday
April 30th, 2005]
I want to draw.

This is amazing.

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